The calculators in all major competitions are qualified and are recognized by the HKWSA, in order to ensure fairness and justice.

Name Course Year
Chan Siu Pan Paul 2011
Chan Wai Yip Desmond 2011
Cheung Shung Kei Andrew 2011
Cheung Yat Fung 2011
Chow Chun Man Jimmy 2011
Ho Ho Nam Leo 2011
Kwok Kitty Golby 2011
Lau Chi Ho 2011
Lau Ka Kui 2011
Lau Kai Fat 2011
Lee Kit Sum Ruby 2011
Lee Koon Ho Victor 2011
Ng Kin Shing Sam 2011
Ng Mei Lan Sharon 2011
Sum Cheuk Lun Tommy 2011
Tang Kon Ming Terry 2011
Tsang King Hang 2011
Wan Ka Choi 2011
Wan Kit Chun 2011
Wong Ching Ting Christopher 2011
Wong Epraphras Chung Kay 2011
Wong Hydie 2011
Wong Kei Tong Morris 2011
Wong Tung Ming Erica 2011
Yeung Chi Ling Clement 2011
Yeung Wai Tak, Popop 2011
Yung Ho Man, Alice 2011

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Updated on : 15 Oct, 2019