The safety aspects of waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and boating in Hong Kong’s sometimes crowded waters cannot be over emphasized. A little common sense and courtesy for your fellow water users will prove invaluable. Here are just a few reminders for skiers, drivers, observers and passengers alike.

手號 Hand Signals


Hand signals provide communication between the participants and the boat driver

滑水運動人士 Participants

  1. 任何人仕嚴禁在速度限制區域內進行滑水運動
    Towed Water Sports prohibited in speed restricted zones
  2. 不要在淺水的地方進行滑水,最少安全深度為2米
    Do not participate in shallow water, minimum safe depth is 2m
  3. 要注意安全,不可向其他船隻或碼頭方向進行滑水運動,要與其他船隻保持平衡及足夠的距離
    Do not participate directly towards jetties/boats, always ski parallel leaving plenty of space, always play safe
  1. 設備Equipment

法例規定之船隻安全設備 Boat equipment required by law:

  1. 提供足夠救生衣於每位乘客
    Life jackets for each passenger
  2. 救生圈及一條18米長的浮繩
    Life buoy(s) & 18 meter buoyant rope
  3. 水桶及滅火筒
    Bucket & fire extinguishers
  4. 船隻必須領有牌照及購買保險
    Boat must be licensed & insured
  5. 滑水或花式滑水人仕之裝備
    Participant’s equipment:
  6. 滑水人仕必須穿著合規格的救生衣(有浮力上衣)
    Participants must wear qualified ski vests (flotation jackets)
  7. 使用適當的滑水手套可改善握手及防止水泡
    Ski-gloves are advisable to improve grip and avoid blisters
  8. 在冬季時要穿上保暖衣
    Wet suits are recommended in winter
  9. 當進行滑水跳躍或長途速度比賽時要戴上保護頭盔
    Helmets should be worn when ski jumping or racing


駕駛員Boat Drivers

  • 駕駛員必須持有遊樂船隻二級操作人證明書資格才可進行駕駛The driver must hold or be under the supervision of a person or persons on the boat in possession of an Operator’s certificate for pleasure vessels and suitable for the vessel in which he/she is command i.e. Operator Grade 2: Vessels of 15m (49.2 ft) or less; Operator Grade 1: Vessels of unlimited length
  • 駕駛員在任何時間也不能夠超載 At no time should the driver overload the vessel with passengers
  • 當運動員在水內而船隻若距離運動員不足3米安全距離,引擎必須關掉If the athlete is in the water and the boat is less than 3 meters away from the athlete, the engine should be turned off.
  • 駕駛員必須經常向前觀望並與其他船隻及障礙物保持安全距離The driver should look ahead at all times and give a wide berth to other boats and obstacles
  • 使用倒後鏡 Use a rear-view mirror
  • 要留意觀察員之報告 Be alert to the observer’s instructions

觀察員 The Observer

It is compulsory in HK for an observer to be onboard the boat when someone is participating

  • 注視運動員,當運動員跌進水時立刻通知駕駛員Watch the participant, keeping the driver informed in the event that the participant falls
  • 注意運動員之手號並通知駕駛員Notify the driver of the participant’s hand signals
  • 協助駕駛員與其他船隻,障礙物及滑水人士保持安全距離Assist the driver in staying clear of other boats, obstacles and participants
  • 在滑水活動完成時,盡快收回滑水用之繩索以免對其他船隻構成危險Retrieve the rope from the water as soon as the participant finishes so as not to cause a hazard to other vessels


  • 船隻要為乘客設立座位Boat seats are made to sit in
  • 當船隻在行駛時,不准坐在船頭,舷邊,甲板或船尾上Never sit on the bow, gunwale, mid-deck or transom whilst the boat is in motion
  • 當引擎起動時不准站立Never stand up in the boat when the motor is in gear
  • 不可登上已經超載之船隻No more than the licensed number of passengers should be onboard
  • 乘客應該按照船長及教練指示,平均坐在船上,以確保船身平衡 To ensure weight is evenly distributed and the balance of the boat, passengers should sit evenly on two sides of boat as instructed by the boat driver and instructor.

安全忠告 – 跌進水裡 Falling Tips

  • 一般來說,在滑水時跌進水裡並不危險。如將身體重心捲曲,並用手保護頭部,可減少受傷的機會。Falls in towed water sports are generally not dangerous. Tucking in the limbs and body with hands covering the head will reduce the chances of bodily strains or sprains. Remember the faster the boat is travelling the harder the potential fall.
  • 在跌進水裡後,必須使用手號示意安全,否則駕駛員及其他人士應立刻前往協助及救援。On every fall participant must use the approved signal to show he/she is all right. If this signal is not seen, the boat driver and others should come to the rescue or assistance immediately.

駕駛員之忠告Driving Tips

  • 當運動員跌進水裡後,不應使用後波,駕駛員應先觀察運動員狀況,以適當速度把船隻駛回運動員身旁,應該先接人後接板,以便即時協助不幸受傷或遇險之運動員,亦可使運動員不受到其他船隻之威脅。同時也可向運動員發還滑水繩索,避免運動員在水中浪費體力。When the athlete falls in the water, it is inappropriate and dangerous to back the boat for picking up. The driver will observe and evaluate his/her condition, then drive the boat to approach the athlete. To ensure immediate assistance to athlete who may get injured or in danger, as well as in threat from other boats nearby, it is suggested to retrieve him/her from the water swiftly and safely first and the board afterwards. At the same time, people on boat can throw him/ her a rope to reduce their physical exertion.
  • 雖然船上有觀察員及裝有倒後鏡,駕駛員也應不時回頭察看運動員及留意附近之水域,尤其在有大型船隻或在繁忙的水域裡。Even with an observer and a mirror there are many occasions when the driver should glance around at his/her skier. In fact, the driver’s head and eyes should be moving constantly, checking the participants and the immediate surrounding water, especially when there is heavy boat and participating traffic in the same area.
  • 運動員,駕駛員及觀察員應在滑水活動後才飲用有酒精成份之飲料。Participants, drivers and observers are recommended to save alcoholic drink until completing towed water sports.
Pleasure Vessel Speed Restricted Zones Restricted Zones
Plover Cove
Sha Tin Hoi
Tai She Wan
Tsam Chuk Wan
Hebe Haven (Pak Sha Wan)
East Kiu Tsui Chau
West Kau Sai Chau
South Kau Sai Chau
Bluff Island
Clear Water Bay
To Tei Wan
Tai Tam Harbour
Stanley Bay
Chung Hom Wan
South Bay
Deep Water Bay
Luk Chau Wan
Sham Wan
Repulse Bay
Tai Tam Bay
Discovery Bay
Yan Chau Tong Marine Park
Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park
Cape D’Aguilar Marine Park
Yan Chau Tong Marine Park

Please also refer to updated Marine Department Notice