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Candidate List

A. Executive Committee – Wakesurf Chairman
A1. WONG Sai Hong William  (Nominated by TAM Yee Ting Jan, Seconded by TO Sarah Wing Jong)

B. Executive Committee
*Sort by last name
B1. CHENG Chun Hin (Nominated by GUO Huanshu, Seconded by TSANG Chi Long) *Withdraw the election  on 12/9/2022
B2. CHONG, David Siu Fung (Nominated by Sarah Ching Hing LAI, Seconded by NG Hiu Ying Angel)
B3. NG Hiu Ying Angel (Nominated by YEUNG Wing Hong, Seconded by WONG Sai Hong William) *Withdraw the election  on 13/9/2022
B4. TAM Yee Ting Jan (Nominated by CHAN Man Yee Fiona, Seconded by LEE Hoi Lun Helen)

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An online voting form will be sent to all HKWSA members by email on 15/9/2022 (before 9am), the voting deadline is HKT 5pm, 15/9/2022.
If you cannot receive it, please contact us by whatsapp 56466174.

All members should fill in their full name, phone number, email address, and First 5 AlphaNumeric of HKID number for verifying your memberships. All details must be the same as your memberships registration. If the information is incorrect, your voting will be regarded as a void vote.


HKWSA received a total of 259 votes, of which 35 votes were invalid due to incorrect information, therefore the number of valid votes was 224.

A. Do you agree that William WONG will be the current-term Executive Committee Member as well as Wakesurf Committee Chairman?

168 votes Agree
56 votes Disagree

B. Which of the following would you choose to be a member of the Executive Committee of HKWSA?

137 votes CHONG, David Siu Fung
87 votes TAM Yee Ting Jan

Congratulations to the two elected members!
HKWSA will contact the elected members as soon as possible, and we will formally invite William WONG and David CHONG to join the Executive Committee.
If you have any questions, please contact our staff.