The Hongkong Bank Foundation Coach Accreditation Programme (CAP)

The CAP is concerned with the development and accreditation of coaches in Hong Kong and operates at three levels. The first Level 1 course was organised in July 1991 while Level 2 and 3 courses were initiated in January 1992 and January 1994 respectively. Each Level is consisted of four parts (A, B, C & D). Part A is concerned with Sports-General Theory and is conducted by the Coach Education Department on behalf of the HKCC. Part B, C and D consist of Sport-Specific components and are conducted by NSAs with HKSI funding.

  • Part A – Sports-General Theory (conducted by Coach Education Department)
  • Part B – Sport-Specific Theory (conducted by NSAs with HKSI funding)
  • Part C – Sport-Specific Practical (conducted by NSAs with HKSI funding)
  • Part D – Sport-Specific coaching experience (conducted by NSAs with HKSI funding)

All Part A courses are conducted in Cantonese while English course could be arranged if sufficient number of participants is met.

New CAP Curriculum

(with effect from 1 April 2006)
Module Number of Lecturing Hours
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Sports Science
1. Concepts of Fitness
2. Sports Physiology
3. Sports Psychology
4. Sports Biomechancis
5. Sports Nutrition
6. Motor Control & Learning
7. Talent Identification
15 20 26
Sports Coaching
8. Planning the Programme
9. The Practice of Coaching
10. Adapted Sports
6 7 7
Coaches Management
11. Managing Skills for Coaches
12. Legal Aspect in Sports Coaching
2 2 4
Sports Medicine
13. Safety, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
14. Doping and Sport
4 4 8
Total 27 33 45

Delivery Mode and Course Fee for Sports-General Theory (Part A) Course

(with effect from 1 April 2006)
Accreditation Levels Durations Course Fee
Level 1 27 HKD$900
Level 2 33 HKD$1,300
Level 3 45 HKD$2,100

* For the course fee of Sports-Specific (Parts B to D) components, please check with respective NSAs.

Entrance Requirements / Enrollment

  • Participants are required to complete the Sports-Specific (Parts B to D) components and to be nominated by NSAs for the Sports-General Theory (Part A) course;
  • Participants nominated for Level 2 or Level 3 Sports-General Theory (Part A) course should have successfully completed the previous level which includes Parts A, B, C and D.
  • For enrollment, please contact your respective NSAs