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The idea of forming a national water ski association arose in 1976, though skiing had existed in Hong Kong for many years previously, mainly as a casual sport but with occasional competitions. In 1977, the Hong Kong Water Ski Association officially came into being as a national authority whose objectives were to promote the sport, organise competitive events, and select skiers to represent Hong Kong internationally. Since its formation, HKWSA has organised annual national and open tournaments which have become the highlight of the local skiing calendar, and participating in regional events and government sponsored water ski carnivals. In March 2001, the Association became a company limited by guarantee, registered in Hong Kong.

Mission Statement

“To increase the awareness of, and encourage the greater participation in towed water sports in Hong Kong. In particular the sports of waterskiing, wakeboarding and their derivatives.”


  • To promote the sports of waterskiing & wakeboarding in Hong Kong.
  • To provide equipment and training facilities for all levels of waterskiing & wakeboarding.
  • To promote competitive waterskiing & wakeboarding.
  • To train and develop skiers from elementary to national and international level.
  • To represent Hong Kong in regional and international events.

Medium term objectives

Sadly after the loss of regular use of the West Sea Coffer Dam at High Island, Sai Kung until 2000, the high standards achieved in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s were not maintained. However, negotiations with the Government resulted in increased access to the Coffer Dam on two Saturdays every month during November to May. We are grateful to both the Leisure & Cultural Services Department as well as the former Hong Kong Sports Development Board for helping us in this endeauour. This objective to find a dedicated training site remains at the top of our list of priorities. HKWSA’s medium term objectives include:

  • Securing a permanent site for competitive skiing and training
  • Establishing a low-cost mass skiing facility, probably by means of overhead cable
  • Providing ski boats and competent drivers to enable members to ski more regularly
  • Encouraging new and especially young skiers to channel their energy into developing competitive skiing/wakeboarding skills, so that the Association will one day be able to field a world-class ski/wakeboarding team
  • Promoting safety in skiing/wakeboarding and ski-boat driving
  • Ensuring that sensible attitudes to the sport prevail in official circles
  • Promoting environmentally friendly aspects of water sports

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