After experiencing difficulties in the past two years, we are going to host a Local Wakesports Competition at Pak Shek Kok Platform on 31/7 – 1/8/2021 (Sat & Sun).

Special Arrangement under COVID19 (Excerpted, subjected to the latest bulletin)

1. For better protection , all Athletes must complete and submit a Health Record Declaration Form and show their COVID-19 Vaccination Record or a negative result of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test recognized by the Government collected within 48 hours prior the event day before entering the competition venue. Body temperatures should be taken and only those with normal temperature are allowed to enter the competition venue.

Regarding the pandemic, the competition will take place with no live spectators. Junior participant can be accompanied 1 chaperone or coach.
Drinking and Eating are not allowed in the competition area.

All Athletes must wear face masks in the competition venue at all times. Athletes are temporarily exempted when competing in their events on the water.

Participants must abide by the “Event Epidemic Prevention Guidelines” (see attachment) and the instructions of the staff, otherwise you may be disqualified.

2. Competition Categories*
10 Quota for each category**
100 Quota for whole competition**
First come first served basis

Due to the limited quotas, the wakesurf participant can only take part in one category (either surf or skim).
The first selected category will be accepted, while the second category will only be considered if there is any vacancy after the entry deadline.
If there are still places after the entry deadline, these places will be given to the application on the waiting list on first come first served basis.

3. Categories:
A. Wakeboard
Men’s Outlaw Wakeboard
Men’s Open Wakeboard
Women’s Open Wakeboard
Junior’s (Boys & Girls Mixed) Wakeboard
B. Wakesurf :
Men’s Outlaw Wakesurf – Skim
Men’s Outlaw Wakesurf – Surf
Women’s Outlaw Wakesurf – Skim
Women’s Outlaw Wakesurf – Surf
Junior’s (Boys & Girls)mixed Wakesurf

4. Due to the epidemic, the whole competition will be recorded by video in order to minimize the competition time and virus transmission risk.
Athletes are requested to execute 2 sets within a designated time (around 10-15 minutes). A minute resting time will be given between 2 sets. The 1st Set will be deemed as Preliminary round and the 2nd Set will be deemed as Final round.

All of the athletes’ performances will be recorded by HKWSA’s video equipment. Judges will watch all the recorded videos and give scores after the event day. The result will be published on 20th August 2021.

The remaining details will be followed with the latest wakeboard and wakesurf rules listed as below.

Enrollment Period: (12:00, 28/6/2021 – 23:59, 20/7/2021)
Adults: $600; Juniors: $400
Wakeboard Individual Entry:
Wakesurf Individual Entry*:

Participant must be Hong Kong Resident with HKID, AND must be a HKWSA member in order to join the competition.
Renewal of 2021 HKWSA Membership & Annual Membership Fee:

We understand that the adjustments will more or less affect or cause inconvenience for some participants. However, we hope that all of the wakesports lovers can do their best to comply with all regulations to ensure the competition and this sport can still continue under the epidemic.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tel: 25048168