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HKWSA’s Registered Certified Coaches

All training courses are taught by registered Coach and are recognized by the HKWSA.

Registered Certified Coaches List

As at 9/10/2018

* WB = Wakeboarding, WS = Water Skiing, WSurf = Wake Surfing

Name Certified
Contact Email Location Type
Y002 Yu Yiu Fai, Tommy L1-1995
2004 2604 4747 Sai Kung WB
H002 Hung Chou Io, Joe L1-2002
2004 9437 0757  Tai Tam   WB
H004 Ho Shuk King, Rachel 2002 Nil 2877 3728 Zeng Cheng WS+WB
M001 Mak Hon Kuen, Frankie 2002 2004 9454 5772 Tai Tam WS+WB
C031 Chu Kin Hei 2004 Nil 9235 9202 Tai Tam WB
W020 Wong Man Chun, Chris 2004 Nil 9012 4841 Sai Kung,
Kei Ling Ha Hoi
Y009 Yung Jim Mei, Jimmy 2004 Nil 9025 7702 Repulse Bay WS+WB
C044 Chow Wing Yi, Winnie 2006 Nil 9195 2328 Sai Kung WB
C043 Chung Sai Kit, Luvi 2006 Nil 6076 5332 Sai Kung WB
L033 Lam Muk Kam 2006 Nil 9420 6438 Aberdeen  WB
L030 Li Kai Kwong, Jeff 2006 Nil 9342 4442 Tai Po  WB
W022 Wong Ming Hang 2006 Nil 9254 1060 Sai Kung WB
C062 Chan Yik Si, Louis 2007 Nil 6888 6301 Tai Po WB
C059 Chang Kwok Wai, Obi 2007 Nil 9606 8906 HK WB
C055 Cheung Ho Lung, Ronnie 2007 Nil 6131 3689 Tai Po WB
C063 Cheung Chi Hung 2007 Nil 9837 2255 Sai Kung WB
C068 Cheung Shung Kei, Andrew 2007 Nil Tai Po WB
H014 Ho Ho Nam, Leo 2007 Nil 9831 0881 Tai Po WB
M009 Ma Pak Sing 2007 Nil 9589 2407 Sai Kung WB
P008 Po Man Kuen, Ceci 2007 Nil 9357 6586 Sai Kung WB
S010 So Yiu Chung, Reid 2007 Nil 9365 3133 Sai Kung WB
T005 Tsui Shuk Yee, Hammer 2008 Nil 9818 7708 Tai Tam WB
L058 Lau Wai Ming 2009 Nil 9603 3537 Sai Kung WB
S018 Shek Tik Fai 2009 Nil 9728 2996 Sai Kung WB
S020 Shek Wai Hung (細寶) 2009 Nil 6479 7168 Sai Kung WB
 C077 Chung Wai Kit 2009 Nil 9772 2088 Sai Kung WB
K016 KONG Wai Lun, Don 2009 Nil 9720 7575 Tai Po WB
S027 Julian SHAMDAS 2017 Nil WB
C082 Cheng Wai Man, Raymond 2017 Nil WB
C120 Chung Wai Kit 2017 Nil WB
K021 Kwok Wing Kai 2017 Nil WB
K028 Kwong Wai Yee, Winnie 2017 Nil WB
L076 Lam King Piu 2017 Nil WB
L033 Lam Muk Kam 2017 Nil WB
L061 Lau Chi Ho, Vanho 2017 Nil WB
L096 Leung Ho Tak 2017 Nil WB
L083 Leung Ka Ho 2017 Nil WB
L099 Lo Chi Wai Peter Sunny 2017 Nil WB
S018 Shek Tik Fai 2017 Nil WB
W028 Wong Chung Kay Epaphras 2017 Nil WB
W036 Wong Ka Ho, Kenji 2017 Nil WB
W022 Wong Ming Hang 2017 Nil WB
T024 Tam Yee Ting, Jan 2017 Nil WB
Y026 Yeung Wai Kwok 2017 Nil WB

If anyone would like to make amendment to the captioned, please contact HKWSA at or by fax: 3113 0613

HKWSA Coach Development & Certification Guidelines

    1. HKWSA encourages its members, especially those engaging in commercial water ski (& wakeboarding) instructions to go through its formal coach development programme to become registered certified water ski coaches.
    2. The certification requirements shall follow Hong Kong Coaching Committee’s Hong Kong Bank Coach Accreditation Programme (CAP) which is administered by the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI).
    3. Acceptance to the CAP is by HKWSA nomination only and candidates must be current members of the HKWSA. Interested member should approach the HKWSA Director of Coaching or a member of the Coach Development Committee for nomination. Nominated candidates are responsible for liaising with the HKWSA office administrator to register for the training and paying the appropriate training fees.
    4. The CAP Part A – General Theory training is conducted by Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI). The training classes are scheduled by HKSI throughout the year. A Part A certificate shall be issued by Hong Kong Coaching Committee after the candidate has met the attendance and examination requirements.
    5. The Part B & C – Sports Specific Training & Practical are to be conducted by the HKWSA. This will normally be conducted once a year. HKWSA will announce the training through newsletter or other forms of communication. A Part B&C certificate will be issued by HKWSA after the candidate has met the attendance requirements and also passed the evaluation.
    6. To meet the Part D – Coaching Experience requirement the candidate must have accumulated a minimum of 50 hours of water ski (and/or wakeboarding) coaching (whether commercial or private) in the last 12 months.
    7. To apply for full certification, the person must submit a copy of his/her Part A, B&C certificates and a summary of his/her coaching experience in the past 12 months (Part D) together with the name of a reference person (preferably an existing certified water ski coach) to the HKWSA Coach Development Committee for consideration.
    8. All HKWSA Water Ski Coach Certificate shall be issued to the approved applicant by Hong Kong Water Ski Association. A certified coach is required to fill in a Coach Registry Form for filing with HKWSA and HKSI.
    9. A person must be fully certified at a lower level before being considered for nomination to attend a higher level training under the Hong Kong Bank Coach Accreditation Programme (CAP).
    10. For registration as an Active HKWSA Certified Coach, the coach must be a current HKWSA member. He/She also needs to attend annual coach development clinics for continuous development (minimum 6 hours) and also show that he/she has engaged in a minimum of 30 hours of active coaching (whether commercial or private) in the past 12 months. He/She is also requested to fill in the annual renewal form and pay an annual registration fee HK$250.
    11. Registered certified coaches have the first priority to attend coach development courses conducted by HKWSA and may choose to disclose his/her personal contact in the services provider directory in the HKWSA website. For the other certified coaches only their names will be listed in the directory.

    Updated on: March 2006