Invitation for Quotations for 2020-2021 HK National Wakeboard and Wakesurf Squad Training Boat

Period 1st June 2020 to 31st March 2021

The Hong Kong Water Ski Association Ltd.(HKWSA) seeks quotations for the  Hong Kong National Wakeboard and Wakesurf Squad Training Boat

Our specific requirements for the training boat are:

– Inboard boat with date of manufacture not earlier than 2010;

– The minimum total ballast (include internal, external and people) should be 3000 pounds;

– The training session should be in the mornings (tentatively from 7:30 – 1:00) during weekdays;

(The number of training sessions has yet to be decided and will depend on the available budget as well as squad and coach performance)

– Boat driver license and third party insurance are prerequisites.

The boat should be in a suitable location for ease of access to suitable training conditions.

Please return your quotation by email to and the title should be “Inboard boat quotation for HK National Wakeboard and Wakesurf Squad Training” before 5:00 pm 31/5/2020. Note that the quotation should be in a unit rate per set basis (i.e. each set to be approximately 20 mins). It is envisaged there would be 6 to 8 x 20-minute sets for each training session

Remarks: Supporting documents will be required to be submitted to HKWSA for verification of the boat’s manufacture date, license and third party insurance etc.